Currently, membership to Capitol City Young Writers is free for youth up to and including high school, educators, librarians or any other individual belonging to an organization that is directly involved with the education of today’s youth. Members who are a senior in high school can remain a member for one year after graduation.

Membership benefits include:

Attendance and participation at any of our events or in any of our youth programs held in local communities and receipt of all communications and newsletters, as well as reduced rates for published books or periodicals produced by students. Capitol City Young Writers is a new and developing program which will continue to grow and expand, although we depend upon grant money and donations for the implementation of every program. Listed below are descriptions of programs currently in development and available. All new programs or events will be listed on the website and members will be updated via email.

Meetings, conferences, and workshops:

Currently, meetings take place in the Sacramento, CA. Meetings are being professionally taped and when we receive funding, we will be able to edit and offer these workshops online to members.

We currently offer a N CA conference, but we are in the beginning stages of offering members a S CA conference for the summer of 2012 and will soon expand to other states.

At this time, events are only open to members in grades 6-12. In the future as the organization grows, workshops will be offerred to younger members. Younger members can still benefit from other services we offer such as the newsletter and blog, and eventually the taped meetings.

Summer conferences and workshop series will be offered at a minimal cost, although the five annual meetings will remain free.

Literary Journal:

Members are able to apply to become an annual editor to the CCYW Youth Literary Journal. For those students who are writers, the opportunity to act as an editor will improve their own ability to write. Each editor will be mentored and trained by CCYW board members and professional volunteers in editing, evaluating character, plot, scene, etc., in critical reading and criticism, and in critical thinking skills. For those students who are avid readers, but not inclined to write themselves, this will provide an excellent opportunity to learn the job of an editor, which does not necessarily require the desire to write. These positions create the opportunity to develop leadership skills as well as skills necessary in the real world. There will be an experienced adult in the field of editing who will supervise and provide guidance in this project. The CCYW Youth Literary Journal will be published either in print or online form every year.

Youth Advisory Board:

There will be at least three youth advisory board members who will serve under the board of directors: at least one high school student and one junior high student. Students are responsible for researching and updating the blog for current writing contests, providing a resource of CCYW members who wish to enter writing contests, and take part in the decision making process as to courses offered in conferences and workshops. Youth advisors will also help decide which authors and professionals to invite to regular meetings. Advisors will undergo leadership and communication training as part of their voluntary service. If there is an opportunity for press interviews or photo opportunities, youth advisors will have the option to act as youth spokespersons for the organization, and write press releases and release blogs and other communications in youth social networks. This is an excellent opportunity for members to develop leadership skills and work as a team. Term is for one year and board members do not need to live locally in California. Board meetings take place 2-3 times per year and several board members are in attendance through a conference call.