Fault in Our Stars Audiobook by John Green

Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars gives a brief overview of the experiences of a teenager dealing with cancer. The main character in the story, Hazel Grace Lancaster, suffered from stage 4 thyroid cancer and has been dependent on Phalanxifor and equipment to help her breathe ever since.

She meets Augustus Waters through a cancer support group that she originally wanted to skip, but had been forced to go by her mother. Augustus is a survivor of Osteosarcoma.

The two eventually had developed feelings for each other, primarily through the work of Hazel’s favorite author, Peter Van Houten.

Augustus uses his “wish” for a trip to Amsterdam where Van Houten resides. Hazel, Augustus, and Hazel’s mother travel there, only to find out the real character of Van Houten (a douche, as they described). Hazel learns that Augustus had a recurrence of his cancer. Upon returning home, Augustus’ cancer worsens until it made him so weak that he can barely get out of his bed anymore. Hazel spends much of her time with Augustus, knowing that his last days are coming nearer. She and Isaac (Augustus’ friend) recite their eulogy for him upon his request.

When he died, Hazel learns that Augustus communicated with Van Houten and forced him to give Hazel Augustus’ eulogy for her. She also learns that Augustus tried to write an epilogue for An Imperial Affliction.

In conclusion, The Fault in Our Stars John Green audiobook is a devastatingly beautiful and heartbreaking book that forces its readers to view life in a different perspective. It is available in several formats ­ aside from the classic hard copy books; it is also available in digital formats like e­book and audiobook. The audiobook format has become especially popular as it gives life to the characters, providing extra drama to the story as the reader gets to hear the lines out loud.